Hey there!

I have a question.  Have you ever looked where your food comes from?  Most of it comes from out of the country, meaning it has to be transported to wherever you are.

Transportation is one of the main causes of greenhouse gas.  Greenhouse gases are the main cause of climate change, let’s put two and two together.  Did you?  You got it, transportation is bad for the environment.  I have to admit though, I like being able to get in a car or hop on a plane and go wherever I want to go, but I try to be careful about transportation.

Back to buying locally.  The next time you are looking at produce, look at where that piece of produce came from.  Is it from the United States? Is it from your city? Is it from your state?  Chances are that it may be from out of the country, especially if it isn’t in season in the United States.

So what can you do?

  • Buy produce that is in season in your state.
  • If you really want an orange in the middle of winter, try to find one that is from California or Florida.
  • Go to a local farmers market.
  • Go to a meat market in your town.  Usually it is from your hometown.

Plus, if you buy locally, you are supporting your local businesses which is great for your hometown!

Farmer markets are a fun way to be outside and get to know the community.

Buying locally can help in so many ways, plus you will find that you will enjoy the food more because usually it is fresh.  It’s just one little step so c’mon try it!

With love,

Concerned Ski Bum

P.S.  The french fries that are in the picture are locally bought in Canada when my family would go to our cottage every summer.  It was a way we were connected to the town.  If your ever neat White Lake, Ontario check out Wes’ Fries…YUM!


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