Steep and Deep

Hey there friends,

The season is wrapping up, the snow is melting and spring is in the air.  It’s a sad time for all of us ski bums because instead of spending all of our time on the slopes, it is back to reality.  But here’s the thing, the season was short, the snow started melting way back at the end of February.  That’s no fun.  There was a limited amount of snow fall in the mountains this year after February, when usually March is when the mountains get hit the hardest.

I went to Winter Park resort a week ago and they got hit with 15 inches of gnar.  Woo hoo!! It was a sweet way to end the season.  There are those serious powder hounds that go from mountain to mountain looking for the best powder.  On that day, I was glad to be there.  On that powder day at Winter Park, I was thinking I could make a living out of this, because there is a job where you study snow and who, what, when, where and why the snow falls where it does.

A book I read, Deep: The Story of Skiing and the Future of Snow, by Porter Fox is all about chasing steep and deep powder.  But he also holds a job researching snow.  He writes about how mountains that used to be covered year round in snow, no longer are.  The place where he used to back country ski well into the summer no longer has good skiing for as long as it used to.  The Earth as we know it is warming up.

The book is a good mix between reading facts about climate change and crazy adventures he has as a crazy skier.

Let’s face it my fellow powder hounds, it is time to change the way we do things.  Save the pow!!


Concerned Ski Bum


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