Goodbyes Suck!!

Hey there friends,

The snow is melting, resorts are closing, and the grass is turning green.  Unfortunately this means lots of goodbyes as people strut off to their new adventures.

This season was my first season as a ski instructor and let me tell you, it was AMAZING!!  I can’t tell you how many times I teared up from pure happiness.  It was a dream come true and definitely the best possible way to spend my first year out of school.

It was as I was skiing down with torches in my hands and fireworks going off next to me that I realized I was actually living my dream.

I moved out to Colorado to live the ski bum life but school quickly got in the way, but it was my first trip up to the mountains that I took, where I realized that I would like to live in a ski town after I graduated college.  I did not think this was going to actually happen but a girl can dream right?

I had also always wanted to live in a town where the snow never melted.  When I was little I would sit at our front window watching the snow fall and take in how pretty it all was.  And then here I was this season, where there was snow all the time.  I was still a little kid this season, I would wake up and immediately look out the window to see if it was still snowing from the night before.  It usually was and I would look at my roommate and say “I know I am such a little kid.”

It is really funny how life works out sometimes.

So this weekend when we were celebrating the end of the season, it was bittersweet because I was happy to be hanging out with friends one last time before we went our separate ways, but I was also very sad because it was the last time I would see these people for a long time.  We shared so many good memories together, from new hire training to torchlight’s and happy hours.

I am looking forward to next season for sure! 217 days to go.

Don’t worry Concerned Ski Bum fans! I will still be blogging throughout the summer, when I am not busy working.  Keep an eye out for posts! Check out my twitter too! @ConcernedSkiBum

Peace, Love, Happiness,

Concerned Ski Bum

P.S. Earth day is on Saturday.  What will you do to celebrate it?


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