I Double Dog Dare You…

To incorporate meatless Monday into your schedules.

Hey friends!!

Miss me? I know I have not written in awhile, but I’ve been busy moving and visiting family I haven’t see in almost a year.

Anyways, Happy Monday!! I know, I know, Monday’s suck but at least it will be out of the way and you can move on to Tuesday.

Speaking of Mondays…I don’t know if you are hip on the hashtags on social media but there is #mcm, #wcw, #tbt and #meatlessmonday.  The first three hashtags are the most popular but I think #meatlessmonday should start being more popular on social media.

What is #meatlessmonday?  Exactly what it says.  It is where you do not have meat on Mondays.  I am asking you to try to incorporate this into your Mondays, it is one day out of the week and believe it or not, that one day can help a lot, especially if more people start doing it.  I am not asking to totally cut meat out of your diet, but just try at least one day out of the week too.  Please and thank you.

I have previously talked about a meatless diet in one of my blog post so I will not bore you with more information about it, but at least think about it?

It’s a small step to making a difference in the world.

Your friend,

Concerned Ski Bum


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