People, people, PLEASE!!!

FRIENDS!!! How ya doing?

I am finally going to be in one place longer than a week! So hopefully there will be more posts coming your way, aren’t you lucky?

Anyways, the reason I am writing…LEAVE NO TRACE.  Ever heard of it?  Let me tell you about it.

Leave no trace is a term all hikers and campers should be aware of.  It means exactly what it says.  Leave no trace of where you have been on a trail, because it’s still nature even though you are on a man-made trail.  This includes compostable (is that a word? I do not think so but I’m leaving it) food, like orange peels and apple cores.

I was really disappointed the other day when I was on part of the Appalachian trail and found orange peels on the side of the trail!! First of all, if you are hiking the Appalachian Trail, you should know better, because you should be a seasoned backpacker.  But I guess not.

The thing is, orange peels are not local to that area, animals would not be able to retrieve that anywhere near there, so you’re getting their hopes up about that specific item.  Also, it was close to the trail, does that sound safe…NO! Why? It attracts the animals closer to the trail.  I don’t know about you but I don’t want animals anywhere near where I might be hiking, because I do not want to turn around on the trail because a ginormous bear is blocking the trail.  But maybe that is just me.

Now granted, I kind of learned about the whole orange peels, apple core,and banana peel thing last summer, but now that I know about it, I will never throw those on the trail ever again.

Of course, I knew that LNT (Leave Now Trace) was a thing with trash and crumbs but who would’ve thought about fruit peels.  But it makes sense honestly.

But now YOU know!! 🙂


Concerned Ski Bum


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