I Challenge You…

How’s it going?

It’s a rainy day here in Michigan so ya know I thought I would blog, because I’ve been meaning to anyways.

A few weeks ago I double dog dared you to try meatless Mondays, today I challenge you to go a night where you do not use light at all.  Good news is, it’s summer so it stays  lighter outside longer, so there’s more light.

Choose one night a week to not use light.  It’s just one night a week, you can do it! Instead of spending time inside go outside and use the natural light, yes it might be hot outside but suck it up, it’s just for a few hours.  You might find that you enjoy that time outside, kick a soccer ball around, catch fireflies, read a book, sit in a hammock, or even talk to your neighbors.

Believe it or not, it’s little steps like this that will actually make a difference, especially if many people decide to do it.

Yours truly,

Concerned Ski Bum


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