One last challenge


So I’ve double dog dared you to try meatless Mondays and challenged you to try a night without lights, now I challenge you to try taking public transportation or another way to get to work besides driving.  You can even get a carpool together!

Carbon dioxide is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gases so the less you drive the better.  Also, driving you giant truck or car for just one person is a crazy waste!  So at least once a week try walking to work, biking to work, carpooling to work, or public transporting to work.  It benefits you and the Earth because think about it…if you walk or bike to work, that is exercise! If you carpool to work, you can become friends with your co-workers and that is good for your mental health!  And if you take public transportation you can meet new people!! It’s a win- win, let’s be honest!

If you try it let me know how it goes! Tweet me @ConcernedSkiBum

That’s all folks!

Concerned Ski Bum


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