Just Kidding..1 more challenge!

First of all…Happy June!! Finally summer is starting.

Okay, so I have been posting challenges to make your lifestyle a little more green but I forgot one. 😦

So here it is.  I challenge you to start eating out at restaurants less.  If you eat out all week, try eating at home one night a week instead, if you eat out twice a week, limit it to once a week.

While restaurants can claim that they are local, use local food, vegan, and all the other sustainable things, they still create a crazy amount of waste.  Also, think about all the food that gets thrown out because people send it back because it is not cooked the right way.  It’s a crazy amount.

So, cook some ramen and watch some Netflix because you are staying in tonight!  I really hope you make something better than ramen for dinner because you deserve a healthy meal but I understand you might be a poor college student, ski instructor, etc.  You do you, my friend!



Concerned Ski Bum

P.S. I have many ideas to write about but I would like to hear your feedback on your ideas.  If you are interested in something sustainable or even have questions for me give me a shout.  I am on twitter @ConcernedSkiBum.  Follow, tweet, be green!


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