A Very Local Weekend

Hey there folks!

Happy September!!

I hope everybody’s 3 day weekend was as spectacular as mine.  I spent it lakeside with a cold beverage in my hand.  What better way to say goodbye to summer?

My weekends have been pretty good lately and they always make it hard to go back to work on Monday but that is okay because at least I know I had a good weekend and did not waste it.

Two weekends ago, my boyfriend was in town so I could actually go out to do stuff without looking like a loner.  Not that I do not like doing things by myself but after a whole summer of doing things by myself, it got kind of boring, so I just stopped going out.  Anyways, he wanted to go to the farmers market, which I have been wanting to do all summer, and then there was a bike fest to support a pretty cool business.  So we went and checked those out.

The farmers market was a pretty good size farmers market and I was in heaven because there were so many local businesses there.  I am a HUGE sucker for supporting local businesses.  I found out that one of the local coffee shops tries to be sustainable and participates in fair trade!  I am also a HUGE sucker for that as well.  Tell me those three things about your business…and you have my money.  Another reason I really like farmers markets, is the produce! The produce is fresh and it tastes so much better!  We bought really good peaches and corn.  YUM!

After the farmers market we went home to put away all the stuff we got.  We grabbed some lunch and then headed to an antique shop that was close to the bike fest.  I think we spent close to an hour there.  There were some pretty cool things, like an old toolbox and dishes that my grandma used to have.  Brought back some good memories.

Then we headed to the bike fest, which was supporting a local bike shop called Spoke Folks.  A few of the local breweries were there and later on there was live music.  It wasn’t a ginormous festival but it was still fun.  Especially once the bands started playing.  I am always down to listen to music.

Just so you know, Spoke Folks a non-profit organization where they sell cheap bike parts and go around to neighborhoods that may not be able to afford bikes and hand out bikes to kids.  If only there were more places like this!



Concerned Ski Bum


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