Home Sweet Home?

Well folks,

Things here in Michigan are wrapping up and snow is falling in Denver!  Which means it is almost ski season!!! I don’t think words can describe how excited I am for the upcoming months ahead.

However, I am still on an adventure for the next few days, because as always, moving across the country is always hectic.

This past week I was fortunate enough to have time to visit my family in Maryland.  I had time, and Michigan is a lot closer to Maryland than Colorado so why not?  My boyfriend was able to come home with me and explore Maryland.  It was his first time to Maryland so of course we did the touristy things like go to Baltimore, DC, and Annapolis.  He was fortunate enough to try Maryland crabs, which is one of my favorite things about Maryland.  It’s fun picking crabs and sitting around talking to those around you.  We also went hiking in Thurmont to Cunningham falls, which brings me to the topic of hiking etiquette.

I am not sure if there really is a hiking etiquette, but there is always a difference hiking in Maryland and hiking in Colorado.  The difference is in Maryland no one will say hello, in Colorado EVERYBODY says hello.  I noticed this immediately when I moved out to Colorado, everyone was so friendly and no one looked away when they did not want to talk to you…most of the time they genuinely want to say hi to you.  I was always used to just looking away and pretend not to notice someone walking towards me.  It’s rude but it’s the Maryland way.  Anyways, I noticed it immediately when I was hiking in Maryland.  I think a total of 2 people said hi back to me.  Hiking is not that serious people! It’s meant for enjoyment and a healthy pass time.  Look up from the ground and say hello occasionally.  That doesn’t just apply for hiking that applies for life too!  For me, I think it makes hiking more enjoyable when I say hi to people.  It is also a good way to start a conversation and learn new things from others.  I’ve gotten some good advice from strangers on a trail especially if they are older and wiser than me.

Anyways, you may not hear from me for a while because I will probably be putting my life back together after traveling for the past month.  Back to reality…although reality will not be too bad because skiing will be my reality.  I love my job.


Until the next time,

Concerned Ski Bum

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